1.Using a Kindle Is a Delight

Forget the Kindle Store. Forget the sheer convenience of having thousands of books on a device no thicker than a pencil. Forget the robust, well-built hardware, which survives even the most careless of users. The main reason why you should buy a Kindle is because it’s awesome to actually use.

Front and center of the reading experience is the delightful E-Ink screen, which can conservatively be described as a masterpiece of engineering. It looks just like printed words on a sheet of paper. Unlike many computer and tablet screens, it is readable in the sun. The latest version of Amazon’s e-ink screens refreshes almost immediately, so there’s little to no lag. This was a problem in earlier models. The Kindle can run for weeks on end (the Kindle Oasis lasts for months), whilst slowly sipping electricity.

Moreover, unlike old-school, dead-tree books, you don’t have to worry about bent pages, or bookmarks falling out. You don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking them from your bedside table and losing your place.

You can also highlight and share passages, without the pang of guilt you feel when you deface an otherwise pristine book. You can also see passages other people have highlighted, which I’ve found brings my attention to passages I’d have otherwise skipped straight past.

This winning combination has resulted in me reading more books than I otherwise would. In the past week, I’ve devoured titles by Paul Carr and Daniel “Fake Steve Jobs” Lyons, and I’m halfway through an especially weighty O’Reilly title on big data. Previously, I’d read perhaps two books a month, maximum. Now, I can’t stop reading.

2.All your books at your fingertips

This is probably the best known reason. Forget your messy book shelf or attic to store your treasured new stories: they’ll all be saved in your reader. Better yet, on some e-book readers they are available via your account, not just on the device itself. With Kindle, you’ll find all your books purchased on all your devices (including Android and iOS apps). Note that manually added books (e. g. those in the public domain that you have downloaded) are only on your device.

3.You’re spoiled for choice

You’ll definitely be able to satisfy your thirst for reading because the choice of books is so vast. Amazon’s catalogue is huge on the Kindle store, and makes it easy to access thousands of books, new and old, and you can also discover other books that have fallen into the public domain for a number of reasons. For example, if their rights have expired, this makes them accessible free of charge. Just make sure you download the right format.

4.They are affordable

Trust the best part of kindle is that the ebooks in kindle store cheaper than you think. It is almost half the price of a physical book. And if you are a prime member you can get one ebook for free every month.Now thing how many books can you read.

6.The Kindle Is Perfect For Night Owls

I’ve got a particular fondness for the Kindle Paperwhite. That’s because I spend a lot of time flying red-eyes from the Pune to the Kolkata and vice-versa. Like most people, I can’t sleep on flights, especially when sat in the cramped and uncomfortable confines of coach class. During these flights, I’m quite conscious of the fact that the people near me are probably trying to get some rest. As a result, I’m reluctant to delve through my bag to find a book, or to switch on the reading light.

But the next time I head overseas, I won’t need to turn on an overhead light to read a book on my Kindle Paperwhite. It has four tiny LEDs buried underneath its black plastic bezel, which can be adjusted depending on the amount of illumination required. If I finish my book, or get bored of it and want to read another one, I can just switch to another one cached on its internal storage.

Even better, because these LEDs emit natural-looking white light and they aren’t shining directly into my face, I can read in bed without risking my Kindle affecting my sleep.

This is the best kindle reader out of 3 kindle it is you budget and it also comes with high resolution and IPX8 waterproof. Even i bought this device for myself you can go for it too.
7.An impressive battery life

You think the battery won’t last? It isn’t a stupid assumption, considering the battery life of smartphones and tables can be so bad. But, you may be pleasantly surprised: you can get several weeks out of your device before you’ll need a full recharge, dependent on your brightness settings, connection and frequency of use.

Personally, I quickly got used to not “turning over” the pages in the physical sense, which I was a little skeptical about before converting to e-reading. Once you enter the world of Amazon, most of you will become perfectly adjusted to downloading your stories, and may even forget about the old school way.

8.Goodreads Makes Your Kindle Social

In 2013, Amazon acquired the book-based social network, Goodreads, for an undisclosed sum. While this was initially quite controversial within the Goodreads community, Amazon has largely had a hands-off approach to running the site. The only thing that has changed is that Amazon is slowly integrating support for it into its Kindles, and the Goodreads app is certainly one of the must-have mobile apps for book lovers.

Provided you buy your Kindle in the U.S., Canada, Australia, or the India, you can now see what your friends are reading, and rate the books you’ve just read without ever having to leave your device. You can even share passages you think are

interesting, or meaningful, and see recommendations based on stuff you’ve previously rated or purchased.

This is a huge plus for me, as Goodreads has always seemed to be more hassle than it’s worth. If I wanted to share a snippet from a book, I’d just take a picture on my phone and post it to Twitter. But now I can easily contribute to this 40 million-strong community of bibliophiles.

9.Note taking ability

While reading on a kindle if you don’t understand a particular word then you don’t have to Google and search for meaning. You can just hold on to that particular word and the meaning and definition of that word will be showed to you . you can even highlight some of you favourite lines.

Dont think too much just buy already

The Kindle isn’t perfect, but I personally feel the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. And for the majority of people, the Kindle is the ideal way to read books in this day and age. It’s one of those wonderful gifts that promise to entertain and delight bookworms.

Reading books on the Kindle Paperwhite is an absolute pleasure, and its low physical footprint, long battery life, and large storage capacity make it among the most convenient ways to enjoy the written word. There are also plenty of apps and sites that can supercharge your Kindle experience. So,

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