1.The speaker sounds better than you’d expect

The Echo Dot is the smallest speaker in Amazon’s Echo lineup, and as you’d expect, that also means it has the weakest speaker of the bunch. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Echo Dot sounds bad.

Amazon packed a 1.6-inch speaker into the Echo Dot, and compared to past iterations of the device, it sounds surprisingly great. The volume gets pretty high, the audio isn’t too muffled, and if you have multiple Dots, you can pair two together in the same room for stereo sound or have one in each room of your home for house-filling audio.

You’ll obviously get better speakers with the regular Echo and Echo Plus, but for casual music-listening, the Echo Dot fits the bill better than you’d expect.

You can stream music from a ton of services
On the subject of listening to music, the Echo Dot can stream music from most major services out there. As of right now, that list includes:

Amazon Music                                          Apple Music

Spotify                                                     Jiosaavn

Hungama                                                  Gaana

When you connect your Dot to your account for any of the above services, you can start music, pause/resume playback, and skip tracks using nothing but your voice.

Alternatively, if you get your music from a service that’s not on the above list, you can still stream it through the Echo Dot by pairing the Dot to your phone via Bluetooth.

2.Echo is compatible with all things smart

These days it seems everyone is trying to make their homes “smarter.” The problem is, many smart devices, like Philips Hue bulbs, AC all operate on different systems, or protocols, as they’re called.

The main protocols are Bluetooth, Z-Wave, WiFi, and ZigBee. Don’t worry; you don’t need to learn how they work or reconfigure your whole house because the Echo is compatible with all of them.

The SmartThings Hub, Belkin WeMo switches, and Ecobee thermostats are just a few of the many smart gadgets it pairs with, making the smart process simpler and smoother.

3.It makes shopping a breeze

Whether you need to go to the supermarket or order a pizza from Domino’s Alexa can make it happen. Yes, there are some limits, but for the most part, you can shop and order items from Amazon and some outside vendors.

For those with a Prime account, you can ask Alexa to find an item, hear the price and then have her order it for you (there are exclusions, including clothing and jewelry).

She’ll also tell you about Prime sales, alert you to exclusive offers, and set up.

She’ll also tell you about Prime sales, alert you to exclusive offers, and set up recurring orders if you need her too. There is also a 4-digit security pin, so no one can use Alexa to make an unauthorized purchase.
Non-Prime members can order from, among others, 1-800-Flowers, Lyft, and Just Eat. And to help you stay organized, use the shopping list feature to keep track of what you need.

This small device is more power than you think it can control you whole house easily .
4.You can become a pro in the kitchen

Having Alexa is like having your own personal kitchen assistant. From figuring out how many cups are in a pint to setting a timer for your cake, the Echo can make even the worst chef better. Oh, and she can also read Dump Dinners: The Absolute Best Dump Dinners Cookbook with 75 Amazingly Easy Recipes if you really need something quick and easy.

5.Keep in touch with friends and family

You can use Alexa to call or send messages to other people who have Echo–supported devices or the Alexa app on their compatible mobile phones. This is a free feature available to all Alexa users.

Echo Plus features a premium speaker for powerful 360° sound, and a built-in smart home hub and temperature sensor. Just ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, make calls and get information, news, sports scores, weather, and more. With the built-in hub, starting your smart home is easier than ever.

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