Here we have handpicked some of the Best Geysers in India. Find the best water heater in india can be very confusing as there are so many options out there and so many factors that you need to look for.

As you are reading this article, I will guess that your winter is coming or you are in the winter season. So, having the best Geyser in india is one of the must have appliances for any Indian basically.

Not just winter a best water heater in india can be very helpful throughout the whole year as well for many reasons. There are people in india who prefers to baths with hot water after a long sweaty day. Yes, there are so many peoples out there.

Here we have listed only the Top Best geyser brand in india that are presently very popular.

So, while find the Best water geyser in india you may end up having some common questions like:

  • Which is the best 15 litre geyser in india?
  • Which geyser is best for home in india?
  • Which brand of geyser is best in india?
  • Which is the best 25 litre geyser in india?

We have tried our best to answer all of the top question in the most elaborated and detailed way possible so that you can get the best Geyser/water heater in India for yourself.

7 Best Geyser / water heater in India

NameCapacityEnergy ratingBuy
A.O.Smith HeatBot Water Heater Geyser25 L5 starsBuy on Amazon
Eterno intello  Water Heater Geyser25 L5 starsBuy on Amazon
Panasonic Duro Digi  Vertical Geyser25L5 starsBuy on Amazon
A.O.Smith SDS-GREEN Water Heater Geyser25 L5 StarsBuy on Amazon
Crompton Solarium Qube Water Heater Geyser25 L5 StarsBuy on Amazon
Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater25 L4 StarsBuy on Amazon
Bajaj Flora Instant 3L Water Heater Geyser3 LBuy on Amazon

6 Best Geysers in India list

After hours of research and analysis we have handpicked some of the top best water heaters for you. Here is the list of the Best Geysers in India that can you buy for yourself:

1. A.O.Smith HeatBot 25 Litre Vertical Geyser Water Heater

A.O.Smith HeatBot-SZS-025-DG - 25 Litre Vertical Digital Display Remote Controlled Storage Water Heater Silver - 5 Star

This is the best geyser in India without any doubt or I can clearly say that this is the best water heater in India that you can buy. This geyser is perfect for any house and water condition. And also, this water heater is really power efficient.

This geyser comes with a huge water storage capacity. It has a whopping 25L water storage capacity. Which means that this geyser will be perfect for any Large family with 5-6 member.

The built quality of this geyser is fantastic. It will definitely last you for a long time. This inside of this geyser is made of Blue Diamond Glass which is 2 times more corrosion resistant. And the outer body is made of ABS.In total the durability of this geyser is just top notch.

The body of this geyser comes with a strong Titanium Steel which give this geyser a really sturdy body. The Titanium body of this geyser is coated their blue diamond Glass which give really good corrosion resistance.

Even if the water of you house is really hard it won’t be a problem for this water heater.

Also, you will be able to control this geyser with a remote. Yes, this water heater comes with a remote using that you will be able to increase and degrees the temperature based on your preferences.

It has a LED display panel which helps to see the temperature and the timers that you can set as well in this geyser.

The anode rod of this geyser is customized in such a manner that it will last 2 times longer than any usual Geysers out there in the market.

  • Great built quality
  • Best corrosion resistance
  • Can be controlled with Remote
  • Very power efficient
  • None

2. Eterno intello 25L 2 KW – Best 25 Litre Geyser in India

Eterno intello 25L 2 KW

This is the most modern looking beautiful and powerful water heater that you can by for yourself. Without any doubt we can say that this is one of the Best 25L Geyser in India.

The built quality of this Geyser is just top notch. It looks really futuristic and beautiful. We here at Daamify believe that our reader should get the latest Best product with latest technology.

This geyser or water heater comes with intelligent timer which will help you save a lot of time every day without any doubt. You can set your preferred time based on your preference and everyday at that very time you will get you hot water.

You don’t have to tell anyone to keep hot water for you. Just set the time and it will keep you hot water ready everyday at that very time.

This Geyser comes with Eco sense and this feature is only available in this water heater for now. What this feature does is it will alert you with a default sound if the water is too hot or when you kept the geyser on for too long. This will save a lot of your electricity.

The interior of this this geyser is made of special unique polymer protective coating which helps against corrosion caused by hard water and it also increase the longevity of this water heater to a greater extent.

This water heater comes with High Pressure Resistance system. Most of the time the water pressure is really high in big high-rise buildings in that case make geysers are not able to withstand that pressure and fails.

But this Geyser is able to withstand any high-pressure water inlet without any issues.

This Geyser is really power efficient trust me. This water heater comes with a 5-star energy rating.

  • Beautiful design
  • Led Display panel
  • Smart timer available
  • 5 Star energy rating
  • Huge capacity
  • None

3. Panasonic Duro Digi 25L Vertical Geyser

Panasonic Duro Digi 25L Vertical

Panasonic has been the leading home appliances manufacturer for a long time now. They make some of the best Geysers in India. This geyser comes with a huge capacity. This geyser will definitely look good in anyone’s bathroom.

This geyser water heater comes with a huge capacity of about 25L which is sufficient for any big family. Having a huge capacity Geyser is a must as till will help you in future as well when your family will grow.

The tank of this Geyser is enamel coated to help fight against corrosion. And trust us this Geyser is really durable and sturdy. If you buy this geyser then you don’t have to think of changing your geyser anytime soon.

This anode of this geyser is made of magnesium which is going to last long. Also, the core of this geyser is made of stainless steel which will not corrode with time. The quality of the anode of this geyser in general is really good.

This geyser comes with IPX4 protection so that it does not spill water from it or does not leakage from the Geyser.

Also, this geyser is able to withstand high pressure water supply. We often don’t think about this but the pressure of your water outlet is really important for your geyser.

If you use a geyser that has low pressure tolerance and your water is of high pressure than that geyser will face problems a lot. Luckily this Geyser comes with 8 bar Rated Pressure tolerance.

This Geyser also comes with a LED display panel. Overall, this is one of the best geyser that you can buy in India.

  • Great built quality
  • Led Display panel
  • IPX4 protection
  • Able to withstand high water pressure.
  • None

4. A.O.Smith SDS-GREEN 5 Star Water Heater Geyser – Best 15L Geyser in India

A.O.Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 - 15 Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater White - 5 Star

This is a really power efficient water heater that you can buy for yourself. It has capacity of 25L which is sufficient for any medium size family. This built quality of this Geyser is really good.

This inner side of the water tank of this Geyser is coated Blue Diamond Glass which helps to fight against corrosion.

And another thing that I have to say that this Geyser has different variant. Here we have mentioned the 25L only. This same model also has 15L as well.

This Geyser is really power efficient and you will be able to save a lot of electricity bill using this water heater. It has an energy rating of 5 star which is the industry best rating.

There is a thermostat nob in this geyser which will help you to set the temperature of the water heater. Range of the temperature that you can set is just low, medium, high. This kind of heating system is not so dynamic as you really don’t know what the actual temperature is.

Overall, this is one of the best geysers in India that you can buy for yourself. It is power efficient, good built quality, it will last long.

  • Power efficient
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Good durability
  • Temperature setting is not dynamic.
  • Low, medium and high temp settings only

5. Crompton Solarium Qube 15L 5 Star Water Heater Geyser

This is one of the budget friendly cheap Best Geyser in India. Crompton is a good brand and has been making home appliances for a long time now. This particular geyser is really power efficient.

It comes with a capacity of 25 L of water storage which is sufficient for any medium size family.

This water heater uses a powerful heating element for heating the water. This geyser is able heat up the water to 45°C in 10 minutes.

Also, this geyser comes with a high-pressure resistance system. It can withstand 8 bar of water pressure easily without any issues.

This Geyser is equipped with superior thermostat and cut out mechanisms that regulates water temperature and avoid its overheating by switching off the heating element when the desired temperature is reached.

The body of this geyser is totally rust proof which is a good and important thing.

The water tank of this water heater is coated with polymer which eventually increases the longevity of this geyser.

Overall, this is a really good water that you can buy. And also, this is one of the best geyser brands in India.

  • 3 stage safety features
  • 5-star energy efficiency rating
  • Can tolerate up to 8 bar of pressure
  • Fast heating
  • No remote control

6. Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater,

This is another water heater or geyser from a popular brand Bajaj. Bajaj has been one of the leading brands in the market for more than decades now. This is one of the best budget friendly water heater in india.

This geyser also comes with some amazing features that you will fall in love with. The capacity of this geyser is just amazing. It comes with a 25L tank which is more than sufficient for any family.

The inner part of the body is made up of Mild Steel with Glass lined Coating which will ensure sufficient protection from high temperature without any issues.

Also if you live in high rise buildings then the water pressure might be really high. This water heater is capable to withstand high water pressure without any issue.

You can adjust temperature of the geyser according to your comfort using the dial given on the front side of the body.

overall this is one of the best geyser or water heater in india that you can buy online without any issues. Going with this one will be a good decision for you.

  • Huge storage capacity
  • Budget friendly
  • Sufficient for a large family
  • Energy efficient
  • None

7. Bajaj Flora Instant 3L Water Heater Geyser – Best instant Geyser in India

This is an instant water heater that you can buy. This is not like the other geysers that has been mentioned above. All of the above geyser is storage water heater geyser.

The main difference between an instant geyser and a storage geyser is that in an instant geyser the water will be heated and then it will come out of the water outlet or tap. Whereas in storage geyser you can store the warm water for quite a long time. And also, you will get a constant flow of hot water.

The built quality of this geyser is really good. It comes in an egg-shaped design is liked by many people. The body of this water heater is resistant to corrosion. It has a thermoplastic outer body which helps this geyser to not get corroded with time.

The capacity of this Geyser is 3 litre which quite good for any small family. And as this is an instant geyser the maximum capacity is 3L only.

Also, this is the cheapest in this list.

  • Good for any small family
  • Power efficient
  • Good built quality
  • Not as efficient as storage geysers.

Best Geyser / Water heater in India Buying Guide

While buying the Best Geyser in india you have to look for certain features that will help you to get the perfect one. A water is such a device that we definitely need in india. Especially in India where the climatic condition is too extreme, when it is winter it gets really cold.

So, you need to buy the one can be used for a longer time. Geysers are something that we hardly change in our house until an unless it is damaged. Other than that, once you buy a Geyser if will be with you in your bathroom for the next 6 to 7 years minimum because most of us india use Hot water in winter only.

Electricity Consumption of water heater/geyser

Electricity consumptions of water heater depends on multiple factors. And you need to understand them. Those main crucial factors are

The volume of the water heater is one of the main factors of electricity consumption. So basically, a huge capacity Geyser will need more electricity to heat up that amount of water.

Place like Kashmir or Manali where the incoming water is already very cold needs more electricity to heat the water. Whereas place like Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu where the climate is hot and water temperature is mild needs less electricity to heat.

Some water heater or geyser comes with default heat setup of 60 degree which will consume some amount of electricity. And there is some geyser where you can manually set the water temperature and, in this case, only limited amount of electricity will be used based on you setting.

What is the ideal temperature of water for bathing should be?

Most of the water heater is able to heat up the water till 60 degree because most of its thermostat has 60-degree max heating capacity. But the main question is any human body able to tolerate 60-degree hot water? The answer is big No. No human cannot tolerate that heat and it can cause first degree burns.

Our human body temperature is of about 37 degree and anything higher than that feels really hot. So, when the water gets heated by the geyser you need to add water extra based on your tolerance level.

What is the ideal size of water heater/geyser to buy?
  • It totally depends you and your family size.
  • If you have a family of 5-6 member then you can easily go for 25l and that is the perfect size and quantity for that big family.
  • If have a family of 3-4 member then you can go with the 15L without any issue.
  • And if you are really tight in budget and cannot spend more than 4k rupee then you can go with a 3L water heater.
  • One thing that I need to add and you need to keep in mind that. In future your family will definitely grow and more people will come. Or if guest comes in you house often the going with a 25L is the best thing to do.
  • Try to choose in between 15L – 25L to be on the safe side of the water quantity in the future.
Extra features that you can look for while buy the best geyser in India

Many water heater or geysers comes with LED display panel so that you can see the temperature of the water. Having a LED display panel will definitely help you a lot.

Smart Timer is something that some water heater has. We have mentioned a geyser in the 2nd place above, only that geyser has that feature. You can simply set the time for everyday when the water needed to be heated.

Remote controlling feature will be really handy. And as this is an electric device there is always a danger of getting shock. So, having a remote for water heater will be a big time and life savior for you.

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